Double Block and Bleed /  Isolation Test Plugs

Double Block and Bleed plugs are ideal in isolating certain areas of pipe for fabrication or isolated testing. Buckhorn offers this service as a means to effectively isolate areas or pipe and monitor and/or place a nitrogen blanket isolation potentially explosive vapors during hot work. The DBB allows water to be introduced between seals and perform a high pressure hydrostatic test on the single well without testing the entire line.

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Isolation Test Plugs are a safe and convenient way to perform pressure tests on open ended pipe. This developing safe technology is a cost efficient alternative to welding end caps. Buckhorn can provide trained personnel and equipment to safely execute this testing strategy for it’s customers.

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CB&I Ethylene Cracker Project

Current performing GripTight TM Isolation Test Plugs to perform hydrostatic and pneumatic tests from 1/2” to 24” on SQE and Heater Units.

 Williams Markham TX Project

Performed a DDB isolation with nitrogen purge and cold cut on a 24” pipeline, performed hydrostatic test on the welds, installed gaskets and insulation kits, torqued bolts to Williams specification.

Loop, LLC Fourchon, LA Project

Assisted LOOP with isolation pigs and cold cut on a 4” diesel line for the main offshore pump supply line during a 24 hour shutdown. Installed gaskets and spool piece, torqued to Loop specifications.