Pigging / Flushing

Pigging and flushing are an integral part of the pipeline maintenance process.  Whether you need to remove scale, treat, or run smart pigs, Buckhorn can assist in a variety of ways. From Operator Qualified technicians to a trained support staff, we can assist in achieving your pipeline maintenance goals. We can also assist in treating the pipeline for corrosion, perform drying operations and provide logistics for water transfer and disposal.

Shell GC-19 Project

During the Debottlenecking project, Buckhorn performed multiple flushing and hydrostatic tests for the facility.  Helped remove paraffin and sludge buildup in piping and day tanks for the installation of new piping.

Bechtel Project

Buckhorn performed 30+ hydrostatic and pneumatic tests on a 36” manifold system to international standards.  We also provided pigging, anticorrosion, drying and prepped with a nitrogen blanket for shipping.

Pin Oak Project

Performed Pigging and drying operations for their manifold system.

 Shell GC-19 Project

Ran ultraseal pigs for line isolation, performed hydrostatic test on the line from GC-19 to SS-332.